Access Control System

We provide a full range of access control systems and gate automation Nationwide,
We pride ourselves on supplying and installing the very best and to the safest standards.

We embrace a culture dedicated to excellence. Therefore, our business philosophy is built around trust, partnership, and leveraging proven technologies that will provide you with maximum value and reliability for years to come.

From best-in-class security cameras and video surveillance solutions, to the latest intercom and access control systems, to advanced information management solutions, we never lose sight of the fact that we are in the business of protecting people, not just property.

Our service varies  from the simple convenience of domestic electric gate automation, to the most advanced and secure systems access control systems for schools and public buildings, we offer a safe, secure and cost effective solutions.
After all, security is not expensive, it’s priceless!

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    Complete Access System


Biometric Access Control

The main goal of access control is to control access of people in defined areas, making facilities more secure. The biometric device is one of the best solutions that can provide this capability to the end user. 

Our standalone access control system, providing complete access control for a single door. Users simply swipe their finger to gain access.

Card Access Control

The Card access control system provide our clients with flexible control over who is allowed to enter a premise, and when. The system provided by Golden Crown Security will keep your premises, staff and assets secured.

Our System will help system administrator easily and quickly configure permissions, deciding who gets in and where, based on what they see fit.


Automatic Gates and Barriers

Our Automated and electric gates are widely popular choices for commercial and domestic options, as they offer extra added security and safety measures.

The electric automatic gates are a practical and convenient addition to any site while also adding value and enhancing the overall appearance of your premises. Golden Crown Security are specialist for both Domestic and Commercial customers Nationwide and it provide high quality gates.


Electric Turnstiles

We provide tailored made good quality turnstiles that meets any site requirements and they are good choice have control of your site visitors, employees and deliveries, this movement of authorised users will help you to deter those not permitted on site for additional security and peace of mind.

Access Control is mainly used for shared access to domestic residential and commercial properties and is the best way of securing any property.

Our latest and most advanced access systems are tailored to individuals and organisation needs, we carry out a full site survey to identify what solution would best fit your application, then design a system to suit your needs today and the foreseeable future, allowing for expansion of the systems as you grow.

If it’s simply Access Control System for a front door to control people movement over your UK wide facilities, We at Golden Crown Security can provide the Access Control System that suit your site requirements.